Day 21/30

Well today I woke up at my earliest yet (that I stayed awake for) which was quite surprising. Also surprising is that I didn’t really feel too tired once I woke up.

I am actually excited about sharing this article with the world so I am enjoying most of the writing process which is quite rare for me. I think it’s starting an article I don’t like, rather than finishing it.

I never thought I would be seeing this hour of the morning without waking up for a flight.

My article is just over 4,500 words now and I have around 1,000 to go. It’s weird I was worrying about it being “short” (around 3,000 words) yet now I’m actually cutting some things out so it doesn’t get too long.

One thing I wanted to comment on today is how many Pomodoro’s I complete on a writing day. While my average was 9 at last check (this included one day of just 3 Pomodoro’s before I started this challenge) I was getting closer to 15-18 Pomodoro’s completed each day.

When I’m working on a website design, these numbers are fairly common.

When I’m writing, I’m much more likely to stay within the 10 range.

I find writing so much more mentally draining than anything else. Like designing websites, it’s creative, but it seems to take up much more energy than editing HTML and CSS.

Thanks for those who left comments yesterday. I replied but here they are again if you missed them.

Stefan said,

You are not alone :-). Keep us updated, don’t give up. Although it seems you won’t continue with early rise technique..

My reply,

I’ll definitely keep going with early-rising but maybe slightly later 🙂

It’s interesting you got that idea from my writing, so I’m not sure I’m portraying the challenge in the best light yet. While I did ‘fail’ one day, 7am actually felt very late to be getting up and doing work, so I have had a huge mental shift when doing this challenge.

Thanks for the comment, Stefan.

David said,

What else are you thinking of writing about if tomorrow is your last ‘5am’ post?

My reply,

Still 10 more mornings to go 🙂

Have a plan for part II but I’ll share it once the 30 days are up.

David I think you read yesterday as 30/30 and not 20?

I will more than likely not be continuing these daily updates, but do have a plan for a new venture in my life that I’ll be doing weekly.

And finally, Catalin said,

Keep going, I bet most of your readers here are not into technicalities. I’m here because I love the process

Thanks for the comment, Catalin. I hope you’ve learned at least something from my process so far.

I have decided I’ll write a huge post on this topic as I do think I have more insights to share on my process behind writing.

I have a three-hour drive ahead of me today so just downloaded an audiobook to help pass the time.

I’ll do a bit more work on the article today then add the finishing touches tomorrow, for it to go live on Tuesday.

Thanks for reading!