Day 29/30

One twelth – or 8.34% – of a year can pass by so quickly. I’m on my second last day of writing here, and I have to admit it will be quite strange to not be doing any more updates. I do have a plan in place for what’s next, but I’m 99% certain it won’t involve writing daily updates here, even though I have benefited from them immensely.

Even if I wasn’t doing a 5am challenge, I know I would appreciate having this journal anyways. I’ve learned a lot about myself through this writing process such as the amount of willpower I can muster up, the idea that I actually enjoy writing, how quickly I form habits and that I really can wake up at 5am each day…even if I don’t have to.


If anything, this will be something I no doubt come back to read over the years and refer others to when I talk about self-discipline and setting challenges for yourself.

I don’t want to reveal just yet if I will continue waking up at 5am, as I’ll save that for the insights post as I really want to go into detail on the decision I’m making and why I’ve made it.

As far as work goes, I have almost finished the powerpoint presentation which will be shared as a video tomorrow. I’m quite proud of what I’ve created and while I have shared some of the training before, this is at least the most visually appealing version.

I will be doing a test recording today then a final recording starting at 5am tomorrow. I feel like I’m leaving it slightly late to share but I won’t be releasing it until late in the day so should still have a few hours to re-record if it there are any issues and deal with all the editing and processing.

Definitely looking forward to the reaction on that.

Tomorrow’s update will likely be short as my time will be preoccupied, but for now, I’m off to the gym.