Day 25/30

As I get close to my final update I actually can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. If anything this challenge has really shown me how I spend my days and where my time really goes. I will give that credit to writing this journal, rather than waking up at 5am.

I haven’t shared an early morning screenshot in a few days so here’s what time my alarm went off this morning.


Today has really just been a ‘take care of email’ day more than anything else. I have a really (really!) bad habit of letting email pile up for a few days then tackling it all at once.

The truth is I truly hate looking at my inbox. While I’m honored to have an audience of people reading my content and actually wanting my advice, I receive dozens of emails most days which are just walls of text that people write in 20-30 minutes and they often expect me to return the favor in kind.

I feel incredibly guilty if I don’t respond to these emails but even when I do, 90% of people don’t even say thank you. I have hit the ‘archive’ button on emails without replying now and then but I never feel good about it, even if I’ve never heard from that person before.

That’s something I definitely need to fix, either by hiding my email address more, being willing to ignore more emails or trying to ditch my inbox for good and using a physical address 😉

Though today was spent cleaning out my inbox I did manage to write 700 words for my next blog post so I’m happy with that. I’m writing this on my 12th Pomodoro of the day so I don’t have too much energy left but I’m going to make a start on that video I’m working on.

I’ve gotten into the bad habit of writing these updates later in the day – I started doing so in order to write about my progress with the previous blog post – but from tomorrow I’ll start writing them in the mornings again.