Day 13/30

I’m going to keep this update short and sweet because I got very little sleep last night. I drove two hours to stay with some friends yesterday and went to bed at close to 2am.

I’ve already decided I’ll be taking a midday nap otherwise today will be completely ruined.

Although I didn’t expect yesterday to be very productive I actually completed 18 Pomodoro’s.

Using the focus-keeper app for iPhone you can see I have averaged 9 Pomodoro’s per day since I started this diary, though that includes three Pom’s on the day before I started it.

The lowest day since starting was six Pomodoro’s – I had to drive six hours that day – and the two best day’s have both hit 18 Pomodoro’s.

My goal is generally ten as, while it doesn’t sound like much, if they’re very-focused Pomodoro’s that’s generally a ton of work and far more than the average person gets done in a day.

I don’t really ever take days off, I just do less work on certain days where “life gets in the way.”

I made great progress on the Marketing Inc sales page yesterday (it’s not live) and planned out my next ViperChill blog post.

I just don’t have the energy to write right now (I’m hoping to publish it before the end of the month) so I’ll stick to designing for today.

Thanks for reading!