Day 10/30

I’m one third of the way into this challenge now and think that’s a pretty cool milestone to hit.

Today was the first time I would be waking up in an empty house so I wasn’t sure if psychologically it would be a little more difficult. The people I live with (the dynamics are hard to explain as I move a lot) know I’m on this challenge so I never want to “let them down” if I don’t wake up on time.

As with the last few days though getting up at 5 really wasn’t an issue. I set my alarm 5:15 to get a mini ‘lie in’ for some reason but I was up and out of bed by 5.

When reviewing the work I completed yesterday I realise I wasn’t very productive.

I answered a very long email I had been putting off for a few days, started working on a new Marketing Inc homepage and cleaned up a few odd jobs, but in the time I was awake I certainly could have gotten more done.

That being said, I certainly wasn’t messing around either. I just noticed that I had hit 10am on the clock, felt fairly tired, and didn’t seem to have much to show for the five hours I had been awake.

There isn’t much to glean from this – other than me just writing it down myself for personal reasons – but hopefully I can improve on that today.

The challenge is not to wake up early. The challenge is to get more from this life while I have the energy and drive to do so, and waking up earlier is designed to help me making that happen.