Day 16/30

Good morning!

Yesterday was another killer day with 17 Pomodoro’s finished. The new sales page for Marketing Inc is taking far longer than I had planned becasue it’s becoming longer and longer. It almost hurts to scroll the entire thing 😉

I think it’ll be done in two days. I need one day to fill in all the writing that was just copied into different sections (that’s today) and one day to make sure it’s all responsive and pretty on mobile.

Some of the link packages I’ve been working on finally went out today so SEO-wise it should be an interesting few months.

The first few hours of my day have been analysing search results once again. Here’s how crazy my rankings are going for just a tiny keyword group.

This is fairly normal for new websites but I’ve seen strong sites with a lot of volatility so I want to understand what’s going on for myself and my clients.

I have a two hour drive ahead of me today so I’m going to get cracking on with work before I do that.

Today is the first day ever that I didn’t meditate first thing after waking up. If you’ve been following this diary you’ll know I’m disappointed with how my meditation is going so I wanted to try doing it slightly later in the day.

So that’s now. I’ll report back tomorrow 🙂