Day 6/30

Yesterday was just ridiculous.

I completed 18 Pomodoro’s (not a record, but only a few shy) and don’t even feel like I “worked hard” at all.

That is partly because I love what I do, but I definitely have to give some credit to this lifestyle-change of becoming an early-riser. Yesterday almost felt too easy.

Yesterday may have been Friday night, but I’m still here on Saturday morning.

I spent some time yesterday reading through the archives here and it was really nice to re-remember (that’s a word, right?) my thought processes from before I started this challenge and on the first day.

While I don’t know if I’ll keep up a “diary” like this once the thirty days are up, it is definitely nice to have looking back.

There’s not much I want to say today as I really want to jump into work. I promised that this would be the weekend for planning the close of Marketing Inc so that will be my priority.

I’ve been working on an incredible keyword tool for members which will get a small update today but besides that, I’ll spend most of the day planning.

If you fail to plan you plan to fail and all that…

It’s the weekend, but my goals don’t care what day it is 😉

Edit: I didn’t even write about how I felt waking up today and that’s because it was honestly effortless. I didn’t wait until 5 today (as you can see from the screenshot) because I just wanted to get to work.

I hope it continues 🙂