Day 7/30

My first week. I wouldn’t say I’m proud of myself – I think anyone should be able to change something for seven days in a row – but I’m definitely happy I’ve ‘made it’ to this point.

Yesterday was another incredibly productive day where I completed around 15 Pomodoro’s and never really felt like I pushed it with work.

Today I’m waking up after just three hours of sleep after a friends relatives came to town for the first time in five years, yet I’m surprisingly feeling fine.

As I’ve said in a previous update, I’m really noticing how I spend my time – and ultimately, my days – so much more now that I’m kind of “counting” life as it passes by.

No longer are weeks drifting and disappearing into months as I find myself thinking “Where has the time gone?”. I know it has only been a week but I feel a lot more connected to my productivity and how time passes one day after the next.

That noticing is probably more due to this online journal rather than waking up at 5am, but it’s still interesting to me.

That’s all for today since I need to use this limited energy to actually get some things done.