Day 5/30

Today was the easiest day to wake up yet, which is surprising when I got little more than six hours sleep.

I think it’s because I’m realising how productive and awesome my morning is going to be, so I just want to get started on that straight away.

Here’s a screenshot, with a new wallpaper, as “proof”.

I also hit seven days in a row on Headspace (I started before the challenge, as noted in Day zero) which is my meditation app. Unfortunately today should have actually been day eight, so Headspace is slightly messed up.

It’s still nice to see their little messages anyway.

Despite having driven for more than 4 hours, yesterday was surprisingly productive.

I got work done in the morning, drove two hours, worked for around an hour and then did what I had driven two hours to do, then drove back.

It was still only 2pm when I got back, which was a weird feeling. I felt quite fresh also, which is unusually rare for me after driving for a decent period of time.

The one thing I’ve noticed about this challenge is how aware I am about where my time goes. I’m on day five now and the tasks I had set myself on day one and two – to plan more with my Marketing Inc updates – have still not really happened.

I’ve been having a ton of success with my rank and rent websites and just keep building more of them. I love tracking their search rankings, putting up the content, doing the little design tweaks and coming up with new niche ideas.

My plan for this morning is to add content that’s sitting, waiting to be published on the sites.

I’m also going to be setting up an SEO experiment on a ViperChill-related domain and then I’m going to fix a keyword tool I’ve been working on.

This weekend will definitely by focused on Marketing Inc. I’m going to wrap up all Rank & Rent and odd jobs today.

Promise 😉