Day 15/30

Half way!

OK, that’s the last milestone I’ll announce until these thirty days are over, I promise ;).

I woke up at 4:50am today, then closed my eyes for ‘a second’ and got out of bed at 5:15am. Why? I upgraded my iPhone to iOS 10 and now my alarm is suddenly some soothing music song that temps you to sleep rather than wake up. I’m lucky I woke up again at all.

I’ll have to fix that now.

My meditation was once again quite bad today but I’m not sure what to make of it.

Meditation in itself is an act of being present and letting go, so I’m not sure that reflecting on my experience of it being negative is helping.

Though I want to “figure it out” and get back to the old awesome state I used to experience – could I do it after writing this blog? Should I try later in the day? etc – I’m just going to let the past days be and see how it is going forward.

I received this tweet from Jan yesterday (thanks Jan!) which I want to touch on.

I have been asked this twice now and it’s quite interesting for me.

My goal for writing has always been to write what I would want to read, so I have to ask myself, is there anyone I would want to read a personal diary of each morning?

Possibly Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income or Seth Godin, but I can’t really think of anyone else.

Reasons being are:

– Most people aren’t working on selling SEO or doing rank and rent which is what I would like to read about

– I think I’m more productive than most people (no ego here, I’ve literally dedicated years to being this way) so any laziness would kind of annoy me

– I try not to follow other people’s schedules too much as I’m more worried about my own goals and achievements

I think it’s a bit too egotistical for me to continue writing updates here after thirty days just for the sake of there are a few people who would like to know what I’m doing.

If I had another challenge that it made sense to keep a journal for then I could see it happening. NaNoWriMo starts just after these 30 days end – that’s a write a book in 30 days challenge – which I’ve always wanted to tackle.

So I am not sure if I will continue writing here but I really appreciate the support and kind words about the prospect of it.

I’m still making good progress on the Marketing Inc sales page and hope to show it to the world soon. I’ll continue with that today as it’s my main thing to ‘clear off the list’ so I can get back to writing my next ViperChill post which I hope will go live next week.

Thanks for reading, if anyone is 😉