Day 8/30

It doesn’t seem to matter how much sleep I get; getting out of bed at 5am requires practically zero effort on my part these days. While they say it takes up to 21 days to form a new habit, I definitely feel like I’ve formed one much quicker.

My mornings are incredibly productive each day. I get-up, drink a lot of water, meditate, then put in four to six Pomodoro’s before heading out to grab breakfast. Then I’ll put in another 4-5 before lunch.

As the clock hits 11am I’ve generally done enough to be satisfied with that day’s progress.

One of the things I have been checking is why this blog doesn’t “show up right” in Google. The results are actually pretty interesting for a self-described SEO geek.

This is how Google views the website if I perform a “site: search” to check indexed pages. It appears as it should.

Yet when I search for the domain, Google show it like this:

As if the site is still ‘parked’ and I haven’t been writing here for over a week.

The issue can be fixed by either a) Defining whether I prefer www or non-www in Webmaster tools or b) putting a redirect in place to give Google no choice.

It’s just interesting that I still have to do this in 2016. It was supposed to have been taken care of a few years ago.

I realise this update was a little different but there isn’t much I have to say besides “I wake up, and it was easy.”

Today I’m building out some more link networks which will require domain registration, new hosting, new theme editing and a little bit of web scraping.