Day 10/30

I’m one third of the way into this challenge now and think that’s a pretty cool milestone to hit.

Today was the first time I would be waking up in an empty house so I wasn’t sure if psychologically it would be a little more difficult. The people I live with (the dynamics are hard to explain as I move a lot) know I’m on this challenge so I never want to “let them down” if I don’t wake up on time.

As with the last few days though getting up at 5 really wasn’t an issue. I set my alarm 5:15 to get a mini ‘lie in’ for some reason but I was up and out of bed by 5.

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Day 9/30

Day nine!

I actually woke up 23 minutes earlier than my alarm today which is a little surprising. Especially when I only got a few hours sleep, but I feel pretty fresh now that I’ve just finished meditating and drank a full bottle of water.

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Day 8/30

It doesn’t seem to matter how much sleep I get; getting out of bed at 5am requires practically zero effort on my part these days. While they say it takes up to 21 days to form a new habit, I definitely feel like I’ve formed one much quicker.

My mornings are incredibly productive each day. I get-up, drink a lot of water, meditate, then put in four to six Pomodoro’s before heading out to grab breakfast. Then I’ll put in another 4-5 before lunch.

As the clock hits 11am I’ve generally done enough to be satisfied with that day’s progress.
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Day 7/30

My first week. I wouldn’t say I’m proud of myself – I think anyone should be able to change something for seven days in a row – but I’m definitely happy I’ve ‘made it’ to this point.

Yesterday was another incredibly productive day where I completed around 15 Pomodoro’s and never really felt like I pushed it with work.

Today I’m waking up after just three hours of sleep after a friends relatives came to town for the first time in five years, yet I’m surprisingly feeling fine.

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Day 6/30

Yesterday was just ridiculous.

I completed 18 Pomodoro’s (not a record, but only a few shy) and don’t even feel like I “worked hard” at all.

That is partly because I love what I do, but I definitely have to give some credit to this lifestyle-change of becoming an early-riser. Yesterday almost felt too easy.

Yesterday may have been Friday night, but I’m still here on Saturday morning.

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Day 5/30

Today was the easiest day to wake up yet, which is surprising when I got little more than six hours sleep.

I think it’s because I’m realising how productive and awesome my morning is going to be, so I just want to get started on that straight away.

Here’s a screenshot, with a new wallpaper, as “proof”.

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Day 4/30

Yesterday was without a doubt my best day yet.

I went to gym. I went out for a meal at night (and wasn’t too tired). I put in 10 solid Pomodoro’s of work, set-up a few websites and went to sleep at a more “normal” time (just before 11pm).

While I was questioning my sanity at 5am in the morning, by 6am I had already greatly appreciated why I was doing this.

Though I do have a confession.

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Day 3/30

Another day, another update.

Today is the first time I actually woke up at the time I was “supposed” to – 4:55am – without having woken up a few hours earlier in anticipation.

Before I talk about today’s plans, let me cover what happened yesterday, even if it’s just for me to be interested by in the future.

I went to sleep at around 8pm.
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Day 2/30

I’m here again.

Today I woke up at 4am on the dot without an alarm. I’m not going to lie…I felt incredibly happy that I still had another hour to sleep before having to wake up.

I’ll start by talking about yesterday before getting on to my plans for today.
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