Day 20/30

The funny thing about waking up so early each day is that by the time you’re pretty much done with your work for the day it’s only noon or 1pm at the latest. It’s a weird feeling but you have to tell yourself the work is over now or you’ll never stop.

While I want this challenge to help me become more productive, I certainly don’t want to feel like a slave to my computer in the process.

I’ve just passed 3,800 words for my article and have another 2,000 or so still to write. If you’ve been following then you’ll see I was considering writing another 1,000 words from a post that “didn’t quite fit” yet I have cancelled that idea. I took an ‘idea break’ for a few hours and remembered a few concepts from my old Evernote which was deleted.

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Day 19/30

Well, I said I would be honest from the start so I’ll say it. I didn’t get up at 5am.

I was awake at 5am, but three hours prior I was heading out of the house to go and buy medicine for a sick friend and knew I would get nothing at all accomplished at 5am.

I did rise at 7am, and absolutely killed it today, so while I ‘failed’ my challenge, I don’t personally think I failed. I could lie about it but again, I would rather be honest here.

A few months before I started this challenge I was listening to a recording by Zig Ziglar, who wakes up at – I believe – 5:30am He said one day he had just returned home at 1 or 2 am and was dreading waking up at 5:30 am the next day because of how little sleep he was going to get.

Yet he praised himself for doing it, even though he admitted his day was a total write-off, because if he had skipped that day he would skip future days as well.
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Day 18/30

It’s just my luck that I would finally share the URL of this blog to the ViperChill audience and then I wouldn’t be able to write an update until 13 hours after waking up.

I did wake up at 5am, but I soon went back to bed (explanation after the jump).

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Day 16/30

Good morning!

Yesterday was another killer day with 17 Pomodoro’s finished. The new sales page for Marketing Inc is taking far longer than I had planned becasue it’s becoming longer and longer. It almost hurts to scroll the entire thing 😉

I think it’ll be done in two days. I need one day to fill in all the writing that was just copied into different sections (that’s today) and one day to make sure it’s all responsive and pretty on mobile.

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Day 15/30

Half way!

OK, that’s the last milestone I’ll announce until these thirty days are over, I promise ;).

I woke up at 4:50am today, then closed my eyes for ‘a second’ and got out of bed at 5:15am. Why? I upgraded my iPhone to iOS 10 and now my alarm is suddenly some soothing music song that temps you to sleep rather than wake up. I’m lucky I woke up again at all.

I’ll have to fix that now.

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Day 14/30

Well, I finally hit the two week mark.

I’m was planning to do a bit of an “insights update” but I’m honestly just squeezing this update in before I head to hospital for a check-up. No issues, but I want to go early to beat the weekend crowds.

A bit of a later update today as my search engine rankings went insane. There have been a lot of talk about Google updates and I’m finally seeing the changes on my side. I love Google updates as they keep me in business, so it has been interesting to dissect.

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Day 13/30

I’m going to keep this update short and sweet because I got very little sleep last night. I drove two hours to stay with some friends yesterday and went to bed at close to 2am.

I’ve already decided I’ll be taking a midday nap otherwise today will be completely ruined.

Although I didn’t expect yesterday to be very productive I actually completed 18 Pomodoro’s.

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Day 12/30

I nearly forgot to write here today. That’s a first. After meditating – when I normally write my post here – I actually just jumped straight into work.

I guess being distracted by your work is a good sign that you’re doing what you love. It certainly looks to be an exciting few months.

(To clarify I meant about Rank & Rent being dead…not any bloggers. Someone did ask about this).

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Day 11/30

So the cat is out of the bag slightly and a few people have started discovering this blog. Not a lot of people…around 100 or so, but people are reading.

Thanks to Nick for leaving the first ever comment on this blog and for sharing your kind words. I honestly had no idea comments were enabled. I only see the comment form on the Day Zero article (not sure why) but I appreciate the kind words.

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