Marketing Inc Reviews & Feedback

While I run a blog about internet marketing over at ViperChill (link), I’m proud to not post any affiliate links nor accept any ads on my blog (a rarity for this space).

The only thing I sell is a program called Marketing Inc, which I’m incredibly proud of. Here are some of the reviews and comments on Marketing Inc from around the web, all in one place.

Azzam, a Student Who Surpassed $14,000/m

Ville, a Student Who Surpassed 8,000 Euros Per Month

Please note that English is not his first language, but it certainly doesn’t have to be yours to have success with this business model either.

Daniel, On Track to Do $100,000 in a Single Month

“Allowed me to travel South America for 8 Months”

Daryl, a Student Who Now Makes More than $10,000/m

BPC, a Student Who Made $43,760 in His First 90 Days

“I’ve made more money in one month doing this than I ever have in a corporate environment”

“I’m now doing more than $10,000/m after 3-4 months”

“One of the best investments I’ve ever made”