Day 22/30

Well today was officially my most unproductive day yet. I said life gets in the way of this challenge sometimes – meaning it’s not always practical to sleep at 8 or 9pm – and caught up with an old friend I haven’t seen for about 8 months yesterday.

While I was still up at 5am, I actually didn’t have much time to focus on work related things. I’ve found a slightly more permanent location so I moved my PC there (here), my desk, office chair and so on. Partly because my Macbook constantly requires a PRAM reset (which apparently isn’t very good for it) so I don’t want to be lost without a computer like a few days ago.

Suffice to say, I have not made much progress with the article today, but I could afford not to. It’s not planned to go live until tomorrow and I’m 80-90% done with the writing. The editing will take a few hours but I will sleep pretty early today and kill that from 5am tomorrow.

I still plan on completing a few more Pomodoro’s but I’ll still need to write tomorrow.

Thanks to James and Morgan for your comments on the last post.

James asked,

What is the process behind thinking up the posts you want to write about in the first place? I’m guessing you habitually spend a lot of time thinking about your next few blog posts, the direction you want to take Viperchill, and content to include in the weeks leading up to actually writing your next article? Do you keep notes and thoughts in Evernote when you’re just casually reading other SEO content on a day to day basis?

I never plan to try and come up with ideas. They simply come to me when I figure something out, read something interesting or scratch my own itch.

Every article I write has almost always been written down as an idea for weeks or months before I ever get stuck into writing it. Luckily most of my content is evergreen and doesn’t need to be published quickly (I don’t comment on Google updates, for example) so I can let ideas ‘sit’ for a while.

I always find new things to add to them as I get on with my daily tasks around the web.

Here’s a snippet from my ideas list which you correctly guessed I keep in Evernote.

Then I create a separate note for each potential article and save them as shortcuts so I can quickly find them and add new ideas when they come to me.

Like so…

I’m pretty open about what I write on ViperChill and the direction I want it to take so I never really think about that. The only thing I try to do is have more of a focus towards SEO than anything else, as if my blog is ever categorised, I would like people to think of it as an “SEO Blog”.

That was a great question, so thanks for asking.

The article will be live tomorrow so I really hope you all enjoy it.