Day 26/30

So, as promised, I’m writing today’s update almost first thing in the morning now that my article is “out of the way.” I’m going to be spending my morning working on an insights post that I will be hoping to share in the first week of September.

I’ve learned a number of things on this challenge that I want to make sure I cement in words while the ideas and lessons are still fresh in my mind. That post will be going live on ViperChill.

(I have no idea why the alignment is slightly off)
(I have no idea why the alignment is slightly off)

My plan for the next few days hasn’t changed from yesterday. I’m going to finish working on a long training video regarding the rank and rent model and also working on an article about this 30-day journey.

There’s a good chance this blog post will be deleted by “accident” today since I’m moving all of my sites over to a new server so I’m not sure what will make it with the data migration.