Day 27/30

Today has been my favourite day of the thirty, by far. Last night I had an idea which I truly believe is going to make me hundreds of thousands (if not millions of dollars) over the next few months. It’s a culmination of all the skills I’ve been learning finally rollig out into a single idea which will help me make money online with ease.

When I discussed it with a friend yesterday we just said to each other, “We’ve finally cracked it.” As such, I did little else today besides make sure I wasn’t crazy yesterday and actually had a viable business idea. It has been harder to put together than I expected, but I do.

Back to reality for a second, the Rank and rent websites I commented on a couple of weeks ago are starting to show promising results.

Google ‘dances’ like this are fairly common so I’m not expecting them to remain totally stable but it’s nice to see a shift in a positive direction. Especially since not a single natural link, nor private network link, has been built for these sites.

If you’ve been following closely then you may have noticed that today’s update was quite late in the day even though I had planned to do it in the morning.

That’s part of another “insight” I’ve had during this challenge. When I was doing my blog posts in the morning it was incredibly easy to do so. Like waking up early, it quickly became a habit, and I wrote at almost the exact same time each day.

However, when I switched that up to writing later in the day – because I wanted to talk about the progress of writing my latest article – I procrastinated on the idea of writing here so much more. I went from not procrastinating on it at all to having little to no desire to write anything here.

As such, I’ve came to the conclusion that for whatever habit you wish to implement and stick to, put it as close to your waking up time as possible. As long as you wake up at relatively the same time each day, it will be much easier to make that habit happen at a more consistent time as well.

I’ll write about this a little bit more coherently when I share my insights update on the ViperChill blog next week.

Thanks for reading!