Day 24/30

The day after writing an article was often some of my most fun days online. Reading all of the tweets written, the comments on the post, the comments on Facebook and so on. I was quite honored at the success the article had via Twitter with many of the biggest names in the SEO world sharing the piece.

I have less than a week left until my challenge ends, which is a little sad, but I will say that I have been as productive as ever. On my last Pomodoro update I had averaged 9 Promodoro’s per day. Now I’m up to 11.


I realise I went a little off track with talking about my early mronings and productivity with the latest posts so I’ll make sure the last 5 days cover that in more detail, especially now that my article is live.

The article took far, far longer than I expected yesterday as it just kept getting longer.

I could have written an extra 1,000 words easily – and almost wish I did – but at 7,153 words it’s still far longer than I had expected it to be from the start.

I just need good headings when I write something, and the rest takes care of itself. I’m always more than willing to put a lot of research into an idea if I believe it’s good, such as the AROUND operator or using tools like Screaming Frog and URL profiler to help scrape websites.

I have a busy few days ahead of me as I actually plan on creating an hour-long training video (from scratch) which will be viewed by thousands of people and then an entirely new blog post by the 4th of October. So I have to do that in less than 6 days. Probably five, so I am not rushing everything last minute which I had to do with yesterday’s article.

I’ll cover more on my plan for those tomorrow.

See you at 5am!