Day 28/30

Whie only two updates to go after this one, I honestly can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. The interesting thing however, unlike previous months of my life, is that I feel like I can account for that time. Writing this daily journal has really helped me to see how I spend my days and ultimately, my life.

I felt bad for writing a later update yesterday so I’m sticking with an early one once again today. It’s funny, I had absolutely no idea today was Sunday until I looked at the date in today’s screenshot.

There are only two things I would love to be working on this morning:

  • Finishing the powerpoint for my new video training, and
  • Working on tools for that big project idea in my last update

And the tools and files necessary would of course be on my other computer, in a room where a friend is currently sleeping. I don’t have the dickishness to wake him up at 5am, so I’m back on the Surface Pro where I have pretty much nothing installed.

This morning has mostly been spent answering emails so far. The most important task I could do right now is to work on the video as that is going live first, but without that ability, then writing my next blog post about insights from this journey is top of the list.

For some reason I have very little desire or energy to write, but it’s time to eat that frog.