Day 20/30

The funny thing about waking up so early each day is that by the time you’re pretty much done with your work for the day it’s only noon or 1pm at the latest. It’s a weird feeling but you have to tell yourself the work is over now or you’ll never stop.

While I want this challenge to help me become more productive, I certainly don’t want to feel like a slave to my computer in the process.

I’ve just passed 3,800 words for my article and have another 2,000 or so still to write. If you’ve been following then you’ll see I was considering writing another 1,000 words from a post that “didn’t quite fit” yet I have cancelled that idea. I took an ‘idea break’ for a few hours and remembered a few concepts from my old Evernote which was deleted.

I’ve tried to upload a GIF of the article progress so far but it’s not working for some reason.

There’s a screenshot I’ve shared in the post, and here’s another:

I’m going to keep this update short and sweet as there isn’t too much to say. I’m yet to meditate today so I’m going to do that as soon as I hit publish.

Otherwise I’m very happy with the progress of the post and should be seeing it live on Tuesday. It’ll be done by Monday but I generally prefer to publish on a Tuesday.

I have a feeling nobody is reading anymore after my ViperChill update but if anyone is still here, I’ve opened up the comments if you would like to ask a question about my writing process or early rising, and I’ll answer it in tomorrow’s update which will probably be my last day of writing.

Thanks for reading!

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