Day 12/30

I nearly forgot to write here today. That’s a first. After meditating – when I normally write my post here – I actually just jumped straight into work.

I guess being distracted by your work is a good sign that you’re doing what you love. It certainly looks to be an exciting few months.

(To clarify I meant about Rank & Rent being dead…not any bloggers. Someone did ask about this).

Rising today was once again very easy. Though I had a pretty social day yesterday I was in bed for 10pm and slept pretty quickly.

Also once again however, was a terrible meditation session. I thought my meditation sessions were not great because I wasn’t sleeping too well on some days, but I got around seven hours yesterday and it was still terrible this morning.

While meditation shouldn’t really be ‘judged’, I miss the feeling where the world seems totally at ease when I open my eyes after a 20-minute session. It’s easy to know if you’ve been focused on your breathing or distracted in thought, and I was once again really distracted.

I will likely try some guided meditation for the next few days and see if that helps, as a voice helps me to keep “coming back” to the breath.

The work I’m doing today involves improving the Marketing Inc sales page so I’m going to jump right into that.

I have a two hour drive ahead of me so not expecting to get too much done in all honesty, but I flew through 12 Pomodoro’s with ease yesterday so I’m still happy with my work progress.