Day 3/30

Another day, another update.

Today is the first time I actually woke up at the time I was “supposed” to – 4:55am – without having woken up a few hours earlier in anticipation.

Before I talk about today’s plans, let me cover what happened yesterday, even if it’s just for me to be interested by in the future.

I went to sleep at around 8pm.

This just never happens unless I’ve flew to a new country or didn’t sleep at all the night before.

Yet, it’s exactly what happened yesterday after a normal day.

The other strange thing was eating what would normally be my last meal of the day around 4:30pm. This usually happens around 7pm for me at the earliest.

To say this schedule has messed up my normal day would be an understatement.

As I walked down the stairs today I told myself “There’s no way I’m continuing this after the 30 days” are up.

I still felt incredibly tired when I woke up, even though I had slept for the best part of nine hours (something that also never happens). Of course, 20 minutes later I feel fine and fairly fresh, but I wonder does anyone ever feel fresh the second they wake up? I realise I’ve never actually felt that in my life…I’ll Google it later ;).

Just before I started today’s meditation I realised this plan is actually helping me accomplish all I wish to accomplish.

  • I’m meditating without hesitation in the mornings
  • I’m getting in a solid 4-5 Pomodoro’s before I eat breakfast
  • I have more than enough time to satisfy my bulking diet (fitness goals)
  • I’m absolutely exhausted by the end of the day so have zero desire to drink or go out with friends

I will say that I get to see my friends each day anyway to losing any options of nighttime activities are not really a big issue for me.

So even though walking down the stairs today I felt groggy and questioned why I’m making myself do this, a few minutes later I realised it is helping me achieve exactly what I want to do in order to reach the goals I have set for myself.

It’s incredible what a few minutes can do to you in terms of perspective.

I’ll save you from my to-do list for today, but it generally involves building a few websites, cleaning up some email autoresponders and making a more solid plan for the next few weeks.

We’ve got this.