Day 17/30

When I first started this challenge, any day past twenty seemed like a “lifetime” away. For some reason I just couldn’t imagine making it this far.

I’m slightly sad in a way that I’m half way through this challenge now, as it has been nice to write down my thoughts each morning, but more than likely that will not be continuing.

There’s a good chance I’m actually sharing this blog with more people today on ViperChill so I’m going to go back and do something I said I wouldn’t at the start: Fix (most of) my spelling and grammatical errors.

Some sentences I’ve wrote before simply don’t make sense and if people are going to take time out to read my updates here, I would like them to at least be readable. I’ll literally just fix random errors, rather than rewrite any sentences or anything.

This has been an interesting week because I’ve received 6 different interview requests. It’s only Wednesday, so I’m not quite sure what happened (I typically receive 5-6 per month).

I rarely do interviews – the ones in the left sidebar here are spread out over a few years – but think I’ll accept two of them as I have a plan for part two of what this blog will be (no spoilers yet).

Today I will finally finish the Marketing Inc sales page. While I “only” completed 9 Pomodoro’s yesterday due to the drive I had, I still made good enough progress.

(It’s not live as I write this, but if you see a gold header on the sales page, you’re still seeing the old one).

It’s not going to win any design awards, but it will give a better representation of what our training actually offers.

This is the kind of thing I only do once per year so while I’ve spent nearly a week on it now it’s not typical of my schedule at all.

I can’t wait to get stuck into the next ViperChill blog post (live next week) which I’ll start with tomorrow.

If you’re reading, let’s kill it today.