Day 14/30

Well, I finally hit the two week mark.

I’m was planning to do a bit of an “insights update” but I’m honestly just squeezing this update in before I head to hospital for a check-up. No issues, but I want to go early to beat the weekend crowds.

A bit of a later update today as my search engine rankings went insane. There have been a lot of talk about Google updates and I’m finally seeing the changes on my side. I love Google updates as they keep me in business, so it has been interesting to dissect.

The interesting thing that people ask over and over again when they learn about this challenge is what time do you go to sleep?

It’s most often asked on Twitter, for example.

If you’ve been following these updates then you’ll know I have no set time for going to sleep. Just for waking up.

Going to bed at 8-9pm is not often practical for the ‘real world’ where adults generally stay up later and socialise. That’s why I’ve taken a midday nap on a few occasions.

My mornings are still ridiculously productive even on just a few hours sleep. I hit 18 Pomodoro’s once again yesterday and made some massive progress with my sales page, next article and other odd jobs.

Just a short one for today as I’m off to hospital. Thanks for reading!