Day 11/30

So the cat is out of the bag slightly and a few people have started discovering this blog. Not a lot of people…around 100 or so, but people are reading.

Thanks to Nick for leaving the first ever comment on this blog and for sharing your kind words. I honestly had no idea comments were enabled. I only see the comment form on the Day Zero article (not sure why) but I appreciate the kind words.

I’m also very happy to see that two of my Rank & Rent sites are starting to take off (slightly). These are very new websites – I had left them online for a month and done nothing – and only added content to them on day three or four of this journey.

The first one especially is a promising sign:

It is in an industry where people can pay a lot of money (I’m talking at least thousands of dollars) to buy and sell items, so a single lead could be worth a lot to a potential customer of mine.

If you have no idea about the Rank & Rent model then remember then keep in mind that you don’t need a lot of traffic at all in order to make money. All you need is the right kind of traffic.

Anyway, I’m getting a little off track here.

Yesterday was another weird today because for the second time, I went to sleep at around 8pm.

Something I have very clearly established during this challenge is that I can now wake up effortlessly at 5am, meditate without hesitation and then put in a few hours of solid work.

However, depending on how much sleep I got, the rest of the day might be a bit of a struggle and, like yesterday, I may find myself going to bed very early.

Although I am not much of a party guy and haven’t been to a nightclub in months, there are still things that happen which put you late into the night. As I said in a previous update, a friends relative has been asking me to go out for the last few nights – they’re only here for a few days – so that is something I obviously should go and do (and want to do).

The issue is when I’m only sleeping at midnight or 1am, I honestly don’t do to well on 3 or 4 hours of sleep.

The mornings are fine, but the rest of the day is really difficult.

Some days I have taken a nap in the day which has honestly worked out really well, but as there is construction going on in the house next to mine, it’s not always practical (or possible) either.

I’m still yet to figure out the right schedule, but you’ll be the first to know if I do.