Day 30/30

Hopefully I can be forgiven for writing a very short post here. As I mentioned yesterday, today was going to be a crazy day due to opening the doors to Marketing Inc.

I hit 21 Pomodoro’s which is a record for these thirty days. Nothing like ending on a bang!


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Day 29/30

One twelth – or 8.34% – of a year can pass by so quickly. I’m on my second last day of writing here, and I have to admit it will be quite strange to not be doing any more updates. I do have a plan in place for what’s next, but I’m 99% certain it won’t involve writing daily updates here, even though I have benefited from them immensely.

Even if I wasn’t doing a 5am challenge, I know I would appreciate having this journal anyways. I’ve learned a lot about myself through this writing process such as the amount of willpower I can muster up, the idea that I actually enjoy writing, how quickly I form habits and that I really can wake up at 5am each day…even if I don’t have to.

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Day 28/30

Whie only two updates to go after this one, I honestly can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. The interesting thing however, unlike previous months of my life, is that I feel like I can account for that time. Writing this daily journal has really helped me to see how I spend my days and ultimately, my life.

I felt bad for writing a later update yesterday so I’m sticking with an early one once again today. It’s funny, I had absolutely no idea today was Sunday until I looked at the date in today’s screenshot.

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Day 27/30

Today has been my favourite day of the thirty, by far. Last night I had an idea which I truly believe is going to make me hundreds of thousands (if not millions of dollars) over the next few months. It’s a culmination of all the skills I’ve been learning finally rollig out into a single idea which will help me make money online with ease.

When I discussed it with a friend yesterday we just said to each other, “We’ve finally cracked it.” As such, I did little else today besides make sure I wasn’t crazy yesterday and actually had a viable business idea. It has been harder to put together than I expected, but I do.

Back to reality for a second, the Rank and rent websites I commented on a couple of weeks ago are starting to show promising results.

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Day 26/30

So, as promised, I’m writing today’s update almost first thing in the morning now that my article is “out of the way.” I’m going to be spending my morning working on an insights post that I will be hoping to share in the first week of September.

I’ve learned a number of things on this challenge that I want to make sure I cement in words while the ideas and lessons are still fresh in my mind. That post will be going live on ViperChill.

(I have no idea why the alignment is slightly off)
(I have no idea why the alignment is slightly off)

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Day 25/30

As I get close to my final update I actually can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. If anything this challenge has really shown me how I spend my days and where my time really goes. I will give that credit to writing this journal, rather than waking up at 5am.

I haven’t shared an early morning screenshot in a few days so here’s what time my alarm went off this morning.

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Day 24/30

The day after writing an article was often some of my most fun days online. Reading all of the tweets written, the comments on the post, the comments on Facebook and so on. I was quite honored at the success the article had via Twitter with many of the biggest names in the SEO world sharing the piece.

I have less than a week left until my challenge ends, which is a little sad, but I will say that I have been as productive as ever. On my last Pomodoro update I had averaged 9 Promodoro’s per day. Now I’m up to 11.


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Day 23/30

This is going to be the shortest update yet as I just went live with the article, far later than I had hoped to.

Here’s the link:

I hope you enjoy it. I’ll be doing a more detailed process on how it was put together in a future blog post, but hopefully you’ve learned something from the insights I’ve shared along the way!

Day 22/30

Well today was officially my most unproductive day yet. I said life gets in the way of this challenge sometimes – meaning it’s not always practical to sleep at 8 or 9pm – and caught up with an old friend I haven’t seen for about 8 months yesterday.

While I was still up at 5am, I actually didn’t have much time to focus on work related things. I’ve found a slightly more permanent location so I moved my PC there (here), my desk, office chair and so on. Partly because my Macbook constantly requires a PRAM reset (which apparently isn’t very good for it) so I don’t want to be lost without a computer like a few days ago.

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Day 21/30

Well today I woke up at my earliest yet (that I stayed awake for) which was quite surprising. Also surprising is that I didn’t really feel too tired once I woke up.

I am actually excited about sharing this article with the world so I am enjoying most of the writing process which is quite rare for me. I think it’s starting an article I don’t like, rather than finishing it.

I never thought I would be seeing this hour of the morning without waking up for a flight.

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